Healthy Habits To Help Your Child Excel at Daycare

Starting daycare can be an exciting experience for a child, but it can also be overwhelming. With so many new faces, activities, and rules to learn and follow, some children may have difficulty adjusting to this new environment. Fortunately, there are several healthy habits that you as a parent can help your child develop in order to thrive in daycare.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for any child’s physical and mental health and wellbeing – but doubly so when they’re transitioning into daycare life. Establishing and following a regular schedule of bedtime and wake-up times will help your child adjust more quickly not just to the routine of daycare life, but also better cope with whatever changes come their way during the course of their time there.

Prepare Your Child for What’s Ahead

Talk to your child about what to expect from daycare; tell them where they’ll be going during the day, who they’ll be interacting with, and what kinds of activities they’ll experience. Being prepared ahead of time will make them feel more comfortable during their first few days, and set the foundation for success throughout their stay at daycare.

Encourage Social Skills

Group activities provide invaluable lessons in cooperation, making friends and understanding how to work with others – all of which are important skills for successful social development. So encourage your child to interact with other kids by letting them play together on the playground or inviting other kids over for play dates if possible. Doing so will familiarize them with being around others in larger groups before they start attending school or extracurricular activities somewhere else down the line.

Model Healthy Behaviors

Keep in mind that children learn best from examples rather than from words alone –– whether it’s building blocks or how to manage emotions in difficult situations. So set a good example yourself at home by practicing good manners and appropriate behavior towards others such as patience when playing games, taking turns speaking in conversations or not interrupting when someone else is talking etcetera. When children observe adults modeling these positive behaviors regularly it reinforces what they need to do while they’re away at daycare too! By following these tips regularly you will equip your child with the tools necessary to handle all kinds of different new experiences that come their way while spending time at daycare – both now as well as in future!

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